Monday, March 12, 2007

Worship...What is it all about really?

The actual definition that I found on worship is this...
worship1 [ˈwəːʃip] verbpast tense, past participle ˈworshipped, (American) ˈworshiped
to pay great honor to
Example: to worship God
That really did not help me out a whole lot. I went to a youth retreat this weekend. And we had a great night, the speaker was amazing. Big Chap....he did a great job.
They did have a band come in to lead worship, and it was very good. I have a hard time sometimes at these events for a few reasons. I remember when I was younger and it was all based on emotion. You know, you have all heard it....kinda like the camp high. As soon as I would go home then eventually life would go back to its normal routine.
As the band was playing I was just sitting in the back watching people. I like to do that. I noticed that many people worship in many different ways. For me the best way to worship is just sit there and soak it all in. Not even singing sometimes, just sit there and pray or just be silent before God. Some people raise their hands, others dance, jump, it does not matter. It is how you offer him praise.
And isnt that what worship really is all about. I get a little frustrated when people say, "I dont go to that church anymore because I dont like the way they worship" or like at this event "I just couldnt get into worship because I was not into this type of music." Worship is not what we can get out of it. It is what we put into it. What we give to God. We worship Him, He does not worship us. We should not be getting anything out of it. We should be putting into it, and when we do that, then we feel the presence of Him. So I think I am going to make up my own definition of what I think worship is.
Worship- Giving to God, seaking his presence. Showing Him Honor.
A little lack I know...but to me it is that simple. What WE give to HIM. Not what HE gives to us.
So rather you worship to headbanging, hymns, praise bands, or just sit and be silent, do it for God, not for your self.

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Nicholas said...

Great post Scot! Also check out Romans 12:1 in the NIV. Worship is even much more than what we do at church. Its what we do, period. Thanks for the post!!