Monday, April 21, 2008


Ok, Leigh and Mindy you might be the only two who think this is as funny/cute as me but who cares.
So last night on the way home from church I found this really OLD CD that I burned a long time ago. Well the last song on the CD was Ice Ice Baby....I know old school. My wife and I were laughing that I even thought this song was cool enough to be on the cd, because it is a great cd. Anyway, Miss Ella was being VERY quiet...and anyone who knows my daughter knows she is ALWAYS babbeling. So we turned around and looked and this little girl was going to town dancing in her car seat. I mean she had her fist going, head shaking...and she was on beat. If was so funny. Of course as soon as she realized we were watching her and laughing she stopped. SO we turned around and watched her through the mirror. It was so funny and cute. So we played the song a few times. She loved it. We had a good laugh. Being a dad is fun....

~Learning As I Go~

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Being a dad is tough some times......

Of course I knew it would be. But I dont think there is anything in the world that can melt your heart like your baby girl. And yesterday...she was being a little naughty. She knows certain things that she is not supose to get into...and she will look at you with this devilish grin (which is mighty cute mind you) and touch whatever it is that she is not supose to touch or do what she shouldnt be doing. YOu tell her no...and she smiles all cute at you and gives you a hug. Well yesterday, she was doing something and I kept telling her no....and even getting a little loud about it. She was not listening, and kept touching the thing she should not. Mind you looking at me with that look the whole time. Well I finally had to slap her hand a little. Now dont freak out all you liberal was not abuse.
Anyway...she looked at me and was heart broken that I punished her. Normally that is a mama thing in our house. I have a problem with laughing at her. Anyway...she looked at my like how dare you. Rubbed her hand, (and mind you it was soft, didnt hurt at all) and just gave me that look. My heart broke, but i had to stay stong and told her that daddy said no. She stuck out her lip and cried a little. But then gave me a hug so i know she was not too upset. Its going to be a LONG road. Wonderful...but long.
~Learning as I go ~