Wednesday, April 25, 2007

What do you mean you dont know me?

My lovely wife and I went to visit Nancy at my old job when I was in college. We were walking across campus and it is a stange feeling. When you go to a school like Olivet, people get to know you and you get to know people. People you live with that start to become family. You get there as strangers but leave as family. It is a great experience that everyone needs to have in their lives. Anyway, we are walking across campus and what use to be every one we all knew was now a bunch of kids who we have never seen before. When we got to Nancy's office, the first thing I said to her was "What happened no one knows me now?" It use to be we would walk across campus and i was late for every class because i would stop and talk to everyone, now it is a bunch of strangers living our old lives. It was really an eye opener. It was strange to see how our lives went on, and Olivet just went on with out us. It is hard to think about that school with out the Cassie, and Levi, Chad...etc.
My wife pointed that out. How you expect things to be the same and not change but when you go back, life continued. With out you. Humbeling to me.
Then it made me realize how much I have even changed. For one I am married now, and I even have a child. Which means that all of my friends have changed as well. I guess I know that, but still think of things being the same. Like next time we all get together, things wont be the same, we are parents now, not students, we are adults and in the real world. Wow I am old. What happened? HAHA.
~Learning As I Go~