Monday, May 14, 2007

Pray for a house

We looked at a great house this weekend. They way the people painted and decorated it looked like we already lived in it. It is really old but kept up and has lots of character. The wood work is all is pretty much amazing. I am waiting to hear what the bank has to tell us. Pray it all works out.
~Learning as I Go~

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Again On Grace

I honestly do not think I am ever going to figure out this whole concept on Grace. I really do not understand, and beggining to wonder if I am thinking to hard. Going back to that whole deep blog maybe I am. But God's Grace, it is something that I cant grasp. When they say it is "God's Never Ending Grace" What do they mean by that. Sure yes I know about "GRACE" but if it is how they say it is. WEll then we are all covered by it. So no matter what we do, when does God's Grace run out. I have asked that and people say well it never does. Ok well then wouldnt we ALL get into heaven? Due to His Grace? I dont want a deep long answer. Just seems like it is an excuse to sin to me....dont worry God's grace will cover it. I know that isnt how it is, but then maybe there isnt a clear cut and dry answer. I have been argueing this for about 5 years. No matter how many books I read, I still dont get it. One of these days.....
~Learning as I Go~

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

What I learned from American Idol

Ok I know two posts in one day. I really do work, but when my mind is going this fast I cant focus. Anyway, last week, not yesterday but last week on American Idol (shut up Jake I love the show) they had Idol gives back.
Didnt think much of it until I started watching it. Man oh Man. First of all for those of you who watched it, the place in Africa they were at, I was there almost 4 years ago, I painted those doors that light blue and the windows. It was amazing to see it all again but this time on tv. Anyway, they stated to show the people over there. The kids, the ones who had parents that died from AIDS. The little boy who is now the man of the house and only 10 years old. Him crying. The mother whe was dieing from malaria. I am not going to lie to you. Several times during that emotional show I started to cry. How great do we have it. Just before that show I was complaining because we had to move into an apartment. And then they showed what they have to live in over there, and not just in Africa but in the U.S. as well.
Then Carrie Underwood sang "I'll stand by you" Man I tell you what. God opened my eyes to a lot. I remember all the feelings I had when i was in Africa, they all came back. Missions has always been my calling and passion, now I just need to do something about it. I do not feel God calling me over there long term, (I would LOVE it if HE did) but I feel He has other plans for me. I just need to be more open and pray about what it is.
*some things to think and pray on*
-every 3 seconds a child dies from Aids or some other disease
-every 30 seconds a child becomes an orphan
Life does not seem to hard anymore does it. And it just goes to show God is truly in everything, He had American Idol remind me of my passion. Now it is my turn to do something.
~Learning as I Go~

Thoughts on "Deepness"

Ok so I just discovered a new blog. It is by one of my good friends from Kansas (Shout out to you Jake)
Anyway, he just blogged on being deep. And here I am in my office thinking about all that. I work hard I know. But serisously. He admits to not being deep, but at the same time he is one smart dude. Some of the conversations we would have about spiritual stuff, he knew what he was talking about and was not at all afraid to call people out on things. Which I admire. Anyway, I was thinking about this and reading other people's blogs, and some, not all, but some it seems are trying to hard to be deep. Now I am talking in the spiritual aspect of things. I read a lot of these and only have posted the ones on my page that I really like. Anyway, it seems to me that being "deep" is becoming more of a fad. Lets see who knows more about this or that. is what I know. Sit down, it is "deep."
God is God. I am not. He always was and always will be. I dont understand a lot of what He does, but He is God so I will try to trust him. I read C.S. Lewis, because the man can write, and he tells stories. Some of his work, well it is way over my head. I like kids books. I learn more from them then I do all the "Spiritual" hoop law that is a must read in the Christian world.

Now dont all get annoyed, deep is good. Just not for everyone. So Jake, glad you brought that up. I too am not deep, and I am no longer going to sit in front of my computer wishing I had some amazing knowledge to give to all you people. I dont even know who all reads this.
~Learning as I Go~