Wednesday, May 2, 2007

What I learned from American Idol

Ok I know two posts in one day. I really do work, but when my mind is going this fast I cant focus. Anyway, last week, not yesterday but last week on American Idol (shut up Jake I love the show) they had Idol gives back.
Didnt think much of it until I started watching it. Man oh Man. First of all for those of you who watched it, the place in Africa they were at, I was there almost 4 years ago, I painted those doors that light blue and the windows. It was amazing to see it all again but this time on tv. Anyway, they stated to show the people over there. The kids, the ones who had parents that died from AIDS. The little boy who is now the man of the house and only 10 years old. Him crying. The mother whe was dieing from malaria. I am not going to lie to you. Several times during that emotional show I started to cry. How great do we have it. Just before that show I was complaining because we had to move into an apartment. And then they showed what they have to live in over there, and not just in Africa but in the U.S. as well.
Then Carrie Underwood sang "I'll stand by you" Man I tell you what. God opened my eyes to a lot. I remember all the feelings I had when i was in Africa, they all came back. Missions has always been my calling and passion, now I just need to do something about it. I do not feel God calling me over there long term, (I would LOVE it if HE did) but I feel He has other plans for me. I just need to be more open and pray about what it is.
*some things to think and pray on*
-every 3 seconds a child dies from Aids or some other disease
-every 30 seconds a child becomes an orphan
Life does not seem to hard anymore does it. And it just goes to show God is truly in everything, He had American Idol remind me of my passion. Now it is my turn to do something.
~Learning as I Go~


hillshire said...

Hey Scot--I felt the same as you when they first started talking about the Idols Give Back campaign. I thought to myself, as much as I love Idol, that this was slightly cheesy and a draw for ratings, but oh my was I wrong. I, too, found tears streaming several times throughout the show and really felt drawn to the need and desire to do more. I hope that I will one day find the opportunity to do something more for those who need it. A big reason that I chose to work in the health field was to help others and provide the care that I hope my family, friends, and self deserve to get when needed. Aside from doing it here I strongly desire to go to underserved countries and give them hope. It may not be in the near future, but a lifelong goal of mine is to do it....someday!

I never have felt that I have taken what I have in my life for granted, but at times I almost feel ashamed for having the desire to have more and focusing so much on the material things.

Just the day before I watched Idol Gives Back a movie was shown at my school--Invisible Children, it's an amazing story, very similar to the stories shared on Idol Gives Back. You may have heard of it, either way check out this website...

hillshire said...

PS hillshire is me, Angie N

pastorwick said...

Hey....I'm copying you....but how do you add other blogs for people to check out on the right side?

BT said...

Scot Kraemer! Small world...

Hope things are well for you, Crystal, and Ella. Kari, Braden and I miss you all.

Have fun at Olivet...