Sunday, March 22, 2009

No sleep

So we have two nights left of vacation before we head back home. This has been a great little break away from everything. I didnt NEED a vacation in the form of being overly worked and just worn out, but it has been a much needed rest that I didnt know I needed. It has been great seeing my wife's family. Miss Ella has loved playing with her cousin and being spoiled by everyone. It has been pretty funny to watch her interact with another girl her age who is also use to getting all the attention. For the most part they get a long very well but there have been a few moments when I think they didnt know what to do or think so they just smacked or yelled or whatever they could. A very good learning experience for them both I think. But today I took a LONG LONG nap and now I cant sleep so I am trying to figure out how to make this blog look more me. I do not like the backgrounds they give us. I want a more personalized one. So if anyone has any ideas let me know. And not the cute blog site...cute is nice...but I am a dude so I dont want those...haha...Liz..yours looks great though..wink.
So if anyone knows how let me know. I just made a very cool on on my new computer. My brother in law sold me his old laptop so I am not a mac boy. LOVE IT. And it has a site to make one so I did, put lots of time into it...make it look SO SO cool...and then hit publish...YOU HAVE TO PAY. So now I will stay up all night looking for a new idea and watching Planet Earth on the Discovery Channel.

~Learning As I Go~

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

She Wants to be just like US!!!

Due to the crazy North Dakota weather, and the wonderful blizzard we are having here right now on MARCH 10th, I was able to work at home this afternoon. And I did get a lot done but there were a few distractions. Miss Ella being the few distractions. I cant complain however, because we did have a great time. It made me think back to when I was little and I use to go to the church on days we didnt have school and be with my dad as he worked or if for some reason he worked from home. I would want to do whatever it was that he was doing, I normally got bored with that pretty fast and played with all the toy tractors he had in his office, that is after I raided his gum ball machine. Anyway, today Miss Ella wanted to be right there at the table with me. So I gave her a notebook and she was writing her "sermon" while I was doing some reading and journaling. It was quit cute and very distracting, but so fun just the same. And it got me thinking about how as parents of kids this young we have to really watch what we do. They want to be just like us. So in turn I want to be just like Him. I want to mimick Jesus as best I can, because Miss Ella is mimicking everything that I do. So I need to be that example for her. Have her learn now at a young age. Crazy how much 2 little girls totally changes your life. Oh and this pic is not of today working...just a cute pic I thought I would share..

~Learning as I go~