Sunday, March 22, 2009

No sleep

So we have two nights left of vacation before we head back home. This has been a great little break away from everything. I didnt NEED a vacation in the form of being overly worked and just worn out, but it has been a much needed rest that I didnt know I needed. It has been great seeing my wife's family. Miss Ella has loved playing with her cousin and being spoiled by everyone. It has been pretty funny to watch her interact with another girl her age who is also use to getting all the attention. For the most part they get a long very well but there have been a few moments when I think they didnt know what to do or think so they just smacked or yelled or whatever they could. A very good learning experience for them both I think. But today I took a LONG LONG nap and now I cant sleep so I am trying to figure out how to make this blog look more me. I do not like the backgrounds they give us. I want a more personalized one. So if anyone has any ideas let me know. And not the cute blog site...cute is nice...but I am a dude so I dont want those...haha...Liz..yours looks great though..wink.
So if anyone knows how let me know. I just made a very cool on on my new computer. My brother in law sold me his old laptop so I am not a mac boy. LOVE IT. And it has a site to make one so I did, put lots of time into it...make it look SO SO cool...and then hit publish...YOU HAVE TO PAY. So now I will stay up all night looking for a new idea and watching Planet Earth on the Discovery Channel.

~Learning As I Go~


Elizabeth B said...

you don't want the cutest blog on the block?

PS--you better make sure your house isn't floating away as we speak...
have a safe trip home

One-T said...

hahaha liz....yours looks good...but i need to man it up..haha. no my house isnt flooded have had someone looking in on it. how are you guys...any water? talk to you soon. we are still trapped here in illinois.

4cunninghams said...

Hope you guys made it home ok and your house is still safe from all water. Has the water started to go down yet?

Denise said...


Here are a few sites that have free templates to jazz up and not girly up your blog.

That should get you started!

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