Friday, September 21, 2007

Are you kidding me????

I wish I knew how some peoples minds worked. I heard different stories just recently and thought I would get on line and read the news about what all happened. Ok first off, in Cinn Ohio, an assistant principal left her 2 yeard old daughter in her car for the school day and it was about 109 degrees outside. So her poor little daughter died from the heat. What happened you ask? Well she was going to drop her daughter off at daycare on her way to school but stopped to by donuts and forgot to take her to daycare. She went into the school, and later came out to get the donuts and still did nothing with her daughter. And she is not getting charged for anything because she claims it was an accident. Even though she went back out to get the donuts, and they have that on security. But here is where I get REALLY mad. In Arizona, a cop leaves his police dog in his car for 12 hours and it kills the dog. He is put in jail for a short time and is going to trial on September 25. So please tell me how this makes any sense? there really a comparison?
That poor poor little girl. I cant imagine.
~Learning as I go~

Monday, September 17, 2007

The Things you Learn from Peanuts!

I am reading "The Complete Peanuts" a publisher is taking all of the comic strips ever published of the Charlie Brown and Snoopy gang and putting them into books. So far I have the first six. Anyway, one that I came across today really got my attention. First of all you have to know that every single strip gets my attention either makes me think about life or just cracks me up. Charles Schultz was a GENIUS. Anyway today this is the one I read and thought how great life is for a little kid.
This strip takes place like many where Charlie Brown and Linus are standing by a wall just talking about life:
Charlie- Do you ever think much about the future Linus?
Linus- Oh, Yes, all the time
Charlie- What do you think you'd like to be when you grow up?
Linus- Outrageously happy!!

I thought that was a very good comic strip. Growing up I wanted to be something different every day....either a cowboy, fireman, and at one point a park ranger. Of course I am none of those things now, but I think I have made it so far in this life. I am outrageously happy. True not everything is going the way I would like it to be, but I am happy. I dont have the dream job but I am happy. I do however have an amazing family, and an extremely fun life. God is good, and I love how He uses the Peanuts comic to remind me of that.
~Learning As I Go~

Thursday, September 13, 2007

New CD and Book

So Amy Grant is coming out with a greatest hits cd next month and also a book that she wrote. I am pretty excited about the cd and the book. She also had all of her OLDER music remastered and rereleased. So you can either get it on ITUNES or the actuall CD. Pretty cool. I just signed up for a blog thing that might get my blog on her site and also a free copy of her book. I am sure that lots of people are going to try to get theirs added but I thought what the heck.
~Learning as I Go~

Immagration and such

I am working in this warehouse for now until Fed Ex is going to be full time or until I find a better day time job. And for the most part it is a ok job, easy work. I hate getting up at 5 am but there are worse things I guess. Here is my issue with things right now. I have no problem with immagrants. Most of them are a blast at the factory. We have a good time trying to understand what it is we are saying to each other. There is a few however that are just rude and are starting to get under my skin. One of them, moved his family here to get a better life for them, but he tells me that he hates America and all Americans. And let me tell you he really does hate me...not sure why...oh yeah i am American. One day I was gone. The next day a machine breaks down. He tells our boss that it was my fault because I was working on it the day before. But he refers to me as "that boy." Wont ever say my name even though he knows english. So I inform him that I was not even there so it was not my fault. And that my name is Scot and if he wants to address me or even talk about me he will say my name other wise he can just not talk to or about me. Then I find out by our supervisor, that he is not even a legal immagrant. So here is a guy living in the country I love, and he hates it, makes fun of it, and all of us Americans, he is here to better his life but hates it. Hmmm...makes sense to me. Anyway...thats all for now.

~Learning as I go~