Friday, September 21, 2007

Are you kidding me????

I wish I knew how some peoples minds worked. I heard different stories just recently and thought I would get on line and read the news about what all happened. Ok first off, in Cinn Ohio, an assistant principal left her 2 yeard old daughter in her car for the school day and it was about 109 degrees outside. So her poor little daughter died from the heat. What happened you ask? Well she was going to drop her daughter off at daycare on her way to school but stopped to by donuts and forgot to take her to daycare. She went into the school, and later came out to get the donuts and still did nothing with her daughter. And she is not getting charged for anything because she claims it was an accident. Even though she went back out to get the donuts, and they have that on security. But here is where I get REALLY mad. In Arizona, a cop leaves his police dog in his car for 12 hours and it kills the dog. He is put in jail for a short time and is going to trial on September 25. So please tell me how this makes any sense? there really a comparison?
That poor poor little girl. I cant imagine.
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pastorwick said...

Did you see the video of her confession? Heart-wrenching. She has definitely suffered a lot already, and although I can't imagine being too busy to remember my daughter is in the car......there is too much pressure on women to be "super-mom's" these days.

On the case of the dog...yeah, it's a dog. I know they're used for police But it's still a dog. In these cases, it's stupid state laws that need to be made universal. The officer should get a warning and a new dog. (But make sure they give him a cheap one)