Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Again On Grace

I honestly do not think I am ever going to figure out this whole concept on Grace. I really do not understand, and beggining to wonder if I am thinking to hard. Going back to that whole deep blog maybe I am. But God's Grace, it is something that I cant grasp. When they say it is "God's Never Ending Grace" What do they mean by that. Sure yes I know about "GRACE" but if it is how they say it is. WEll then we are all covered by it. So no matter what we do, when does God's Grace run out. I have asked that and people say well it never does. Ok well then wouldnt we ALL get into heaven? Due to His Grace? I dont want a deep long answer. Just seems like it is an excuse to sin to me....dont worry God's grace will cover it. I know that isnt how it is, but then maybe there isnt a clear cut and dry answer. I have been argueing this for about 5 years. No matter how many books I read, I still dont get it. One of these days.....
~Learning as I Go~


Anonymous said...

To be honest - I didn't read your blog yet. I just wanted to let you know in case you hadnt heard yet that the Beavers had their baby yesterday. Brady Garrett Beaver....

Anonymous said...

I don't know if I truly do understand it either but I think there are a couple different kinds of Grace.
1)Previent or Preventing Grace - the kind that keeps us out of harm before we become Christians and leads us towards God.
2) Saving Grace - this is the kind of grace that leads us to eternal life with Jesus. I think that though God has a never-ending stockpile of it (enough for the entire human race...and some really good dogs) that we must choose this Grace. We can choose to accept it, we can choose to deny it, and we can choose to give it up after a time.

pastorwick said...

It helps to think of God as existing outside of "time". Able to see all of who we are/are becoming/have been at once...and give grace to that. Not simply to each moment as it comes. But even that, raises more questions than it answers. I think I'll have a job for a long time. :)

Hallie said...

Hey Scot, So I occasionally check out your blogger page and this particular issue caught my eye. I just finished up a 9 month study of Romans through BSF (Bible Study Fellowship). You should definatally check into getting into a BSF class up north, but that is not on topic here.

Paul addresses the issue of never ending grace. He also addresses it as a means to cover, not excuse sin. Romans 33-4 talks about God's faithfulness to the unbeliever and then Romans 3:7 says " Someone might argue, 'If my falsehood enhances God's truthfulness and so increases his glory, why am I still condemned as a sinner?' Verse 8 then continues to say, and explain the above verse " 'let us do evil that good may result' " This is Paul talking to the JEws, who are arguing that they, being God's chosen people, are better than the Gentiles- because they have been given the law and have followed it all these years.

Paul continues to say that no one is righteous 3:20 says, "Therefore no one will be declared righteous in his sight by observing the law; rather through the law we become conscious of sin." Now Paul brings in the righteousness through afaith and God's grace.

I believe that the only way to recieve God's saving grace- the covering of your sins kind- is to believe that Jesus died on a cross to pay a debt he did not owe, but that we owed and could not pay. Romans 3 also talks about this kind of grace and is one place you can find this belief written out.

Now we already covered that Romans 3:3-4 says that God covers all with grace- but this kind of grace, I agree with your friend Jake, this kind of grace is for the blind. Those that can't see for themselves that they are sinning and don't believe they need a savior. This is the grace that keeps them safe and protects them from evil when God has chosen them for His Good.

I don't know much, but what I do know, is that God's gift of saving grace- the kind that covers your sins- is just that a gift. One that needs to be opened and recieved. GOd does not force His way into our lives and Force us to accept His generous (understatement of the year) gift of salvation and Grace. He knocks and offers His gift for us to accept.

If none of that makes sense, then just let me know. I'll clean it up for you if I can. But honestly, I would just pray on it and perhaps do an attribute study on God's grace, and see what God will give you on the topic.