Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Baby?? Again??

In December Morgan turned one. In Jan Miss Ella turned three. And now baby number three is on the way. I was just getting use to not having to get a bottle at 3 am. It is funny how so many things change after the first child. When you find out you are going to be a parent for the first time you kinda freak out. Have to get all new stuff, scared out of your mind, and then when the baby gets here you are completely lost and paranoid that every germ is going to get your kid, you are going to be a bad parent, and you realize that you are never going to sleep again. And I am just going to be honest. Babies cry and poop and sleep. So as wonderful as it is, it is also very odd. Then kid #2 shows up, and you are a little more relaxed, still nervous, but VERY excited.
I found out that we were going to have baby #3 from a text message. We were in Illinois for a funeral. Crystal and the girls stayed a week longer than I was able to. I had to leave pretty early in the morning so I said my goodbyes the night before. Crystal was not feeling well the whole time she was there, but we just assumed it was a cold or the flu. NOPE. I got a text in the airport, and it was kinda funny. She text me a few times and i was in check in so I couldnt check them. I just read the last one she sent. It said: "Sorry I didnt get to see you off, have a great flight and miss you already."
I call to say goodbye and that i loved her and to give the girls a kiss for me. Ended the conversation and she sounded a little annoyed. I then remember that I have a few more texts to read, and sure enough there is one that says something like this: "Well we are going to have baby #3. Surprise." Something to that idea.
Yes I was VERY surprised. So there you have it. Baby #3 is on his or her way. Miss Ella was not to excited when we told her, but pretty sure that will change with time. And like I said, I was just getting use to sleeping through the night. Here we go again. Cant complain, I have cute kids.

~Learning as I Go~

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4cunninghams said...

Congrats again Scot! You really do have cute kids! I will be honest when I say the transition from one to two was much harder than two to three.