Friday, January 15, 2010

Father of the year....(or not)

My beautiful Miss Ella will be 3 in just 15 minutes. And she is sound asleep. And dadddy should be sleeping as well but for some reason my mind is just racing. Maybe it is a parent thing, or maybe it is just a scot thing, but my kids are a majority of my thoughts. I adore them, cant get enough of them. So I am sitting here thinking, wow what a great year it has been. Morgan just turned 1, which is crazy to see her develop her extremely funny personality. And been a blast watching Miss Ella turn into the young lady that she is becoming. But as she gets older, and smarter she is starting to really pick up on what people say and do, and she copies them. We now can not watch regular tv. If we are watching even a good family program, its those darn commercials that will get you. Let me tell you a little story......
The other night we were watching a American Idol rewind. One of those shows that go back and you see all the old stuff. Nothing else was on and I enjoy watching the bad people sing. Well a commercial came on about this new lawyer show. And one of the female lawyers called another character a bad word. The exact term was a douche bag. So what does my Miss Ella do? (mind you she is sitting on the floor not watching but playing with barbies). But she looks up and says "daddy your a douche bag." And then goes back to playing her barbies like nothing happened. Not gonna lie I had to really hold back on the laughing. But explained really calmly and not making a issue out of it that it wasnt the best thing to say. So that was that.
Well then the other night again we are watching The Office. A very funny show that Crystal and I both love to watch. Miss Ella and Crystal were on the couch coloring and someone on the show calls Michael Scott a "Dumb _____" So what does my sweet Miss Ella do yet again? YUP....she looks up and just says "Dumb ____" As if it was part of her every day vocab. So here 2 weeks before my baby turns 3 she says them both. Now lucky for me America's Funniest Home Video's was on the next channel so I could use that as an excuse for my so not mature laughter. And poor Crystal had to handle that one. But like I said.....father of the year....or not! Happy Birthday Miss Ella.

~Learning As I Go~


4cunninghams said...

Haha! It's not my daughter so I can laugh! All I can say is thank goodness for TiVo so we can watch our shows after Kylee and Elijah go to bed or during nap time!

Kris said...

If it makes you feel any better...Gracie's first word was b****! We were watching a movie on TV with my parents and she heard it and of course repeated it! Not one you want to write in the baby book!!!