Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Joy of a Daughter

I was in Nashville TN from Thursday of last week until Monday of this week. I was there for a youth convention. It was great and I learned a TON. That is not why I am blogging today though. I will blog on that soon. But when I get there, my wife calls me and says, "Well I had the doctor appointment and the baby has dropped in place and I am starting to dilate." Lucky for us she did not have the baby but just means we are that much closer. And then I call the next day and Miss Ella was crying for me to rock her to sleep that night. Broke my heart. So I get home very late on Monday night so I just have to peek in on her. She is getting so big. Cant believe she is going to be 2 in Jan. Sick. Anyway, she gets up at 5 am. So I go in her room and crawl in bed with her. When she sees it is me, she hugs my neck (hard for a little one year old too) and starts to kiss my face. I then lie down next to her so we are looking at each other on her pillow. She starts to rub my face saying "daddy home, daddy home" At this point I am crying just a little, not enough for anyone to tell...but a little. And it just reminds me how great my life is. How awesome God is. And how much stinking fun it is to be a dad. Even of a girl who is entering her terrible two's.

~Learning As I Go~


Ashley said...

Glad you are all doing well! Did you happen to see a booth at the conference for If so, that was created by our church - BridgeWay Community Church in Fishers!

Anyway, glad you are all doing well and good luck with the upcoming delivery!


PS - Send me your new address...still owe you a DVD :)

pastorwick said...

yup. :) I agree.