Monday, November 17, 2008

Christmas Through New Eyes

I had a good friend tell me once that when you get older, you dont feel the magic of Christmas that you once felt when you were a little kid. I guess I am still waiting for that time to happen. But then again I am a Christmas FREAK. To some it is a time for family and fellowship. To some it is a sad time when they are missing someone that is no longer here on earth. No matter what, it is a special time. And now that I am older and have a child and one on the way it makes it all that more real. My wife and I went Christmas shopping today. I know it is kinda early but the new baby is coming right before Christmas so we thought we better hurry up and do it while we can. We have however had our tree and some lights up for a while now. And watching Miss Ella look at them and touch the ornaments with that "awww" look in her eyes makes me think of when I was little. And how I couldnt wait for that day to come. I remember not sleeping a wink on Christmas Eve listening for any sound. And then finally being able to get out of bed. She cant even say the word clearly yet but I think she is beggining to understand it. My dad always read the Christmas story out of Luke to us before we opened gifts. At the time it would drive me crazy because I just couldnt wait to rip into the gifts. So it will be fun making Miss Ella sit through that. A tradition that we will uphold. With all the commercialism it is going to be tough teaching her the real reason for this day. Just fun to watch now. That magic is still there, just a different kind....and this year we will have two kids to enjoy it with...well hopefully, that is if baby #2 comes on time. Who knows we might celebrate this year in the hospital. Either way I better have my bible there...
Whats that famous quote from Linus..."And thats what Christmas is all about Charlie Brown..."
But then again...we need to get through Thanksgiving first....HA

~Learning As I Go~


Karen said...

Hey Scot, not sure if you'd remember me, but I stumbled on your blog and thought I'd share in your joy of Christmas. I too am a Christmas freak and I have to motivate my husband to decorate every year because it's "too early." Anyway, just wanted to say hello and to say that it was weird when I clicked on your blog because I have the same background and it was strange not seeing my stuff! :)

mindy said...

Wally, So glad that some things don't change. It's that love for the real meaning in Christmas that makes people get a little nicer...a little more like our Jesus. That's a great thing. I'm praying for you and your girls. Love and more love.

camcorbet said...

yeah christmas never does seem to come quick enough