Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Why do they grow up.......?

So when people tell you to enjoy your kids they grow up fast, it is completely true. Mind you Miss Ella just turned one in Jan. But she was this little tiny little baby. She decided this week that she was going to start talking more. It is so amazing to watch them grow and start to figure things out. The other day Crystal and her were coloring in her Charlie Brown coloring book, (yeah she is just like her daddy) and she noticed Charlie Brown on one of the pages opened her mouth all excited like and ran to her room and brought out her Charlie Brown stuffed doll. She was all excited because she put it together. And then this weekend we were sitting and she starting saying George. Not sure at first if she was actually saying anything because she babbles NON STOP...but finally she went and got her Curious George book. So she is starting to say more and put things together. Blows my mind to think that she is the same little kid that was just born a year ago. God knows what he is doing when he makes babies. And now here we are trying to get ready for #2. Sometimes I have to ask God what the heck we are going to do, and he just reminds me..."Dude, I am in charge, just sit back and enjoy....." Which I think i am going to do......

~Learning As I Go~

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