Thursday, October 16, 2008

Pastor Scot???

First of all sorry for not posting many thing have been going on that I cant even find my head half of the time.
We made it...we are now in Valley City North Dakota. And let me tell you....It is a lot colder here then where we just came from.
Our first Sunday was this past Sunday, and we have never felt more welcomed or loved as we did this day. The people were amazing. They welcomed all of us in...even had a little prayer for Miss Ella. And then they gave us a food pounding. It was incredible. We have so much food now. God is so amazing.
So now I just have to get use to being called Pastor Scot. That is something that will take some time. On Wednesday some one was just saying Pastor..Pastor...trying to get my attention. Well my dad and brother are pastors so I have learned to not respond....but turns out they were trying to get my attention. It was pretty funny.
Miss Ella LOVES playing in her new house and I think Crystal is really enjoying decorating our home. It looks so nice and already has a homey feeling.
Well now that I am getting more into all this I should be able to blog a little more. My two favorite holidays are comeing up....Halloween and Christmas...and it is already getting cold...maybe i will bust out the Christmas music early this year......wait who am i kidding, i have already been listening to it......

~Learning As I Go~


pastorwick said...

I want to go back in time, and make fun of the room mate of mine who will eventually become a youth pastor. :) Love u man.

Ah, a food pounding. Never knew what it was until I was hired in Iowa.

Cyndy said...

We are so glad you're here!!! My prayer is that God will bless you and your family as we watch Him do mighty things with the youth in our church.

Dan and Leigh said...

What is Ella going to be for Halloween? So happy you had a warm welcome...we got one too and it's awesome!

Call me K said...

Hey you... Hott Wheels here! I just wanted you to know I am thinking of you, and I am very proud.. I know God is going to use you in big ways. Enjoy the ride!

Love you.


Anonymous said...

Wow - see you should have just stayed in Olathe and took that job at Spring Hill. Then we could see each other more man.

I revived the blog - hopefully more things will be posted on it more frequently.