Monday, June 11, 2007

Here we go again!!!

Ok as most of you know, this job that I took here in Illinois is NOT working out. Not going to go into great detail about it now, most of you know anyway. So I am on the market again. I have sent my resume to a few places. Even sent a few out to places in Indianapolis. We are torn about all that. I mean the reason we moved here was to be closer to Crystal's family. But there is nothing here that pays well, and I really want to have Crystal be a stay at home mom. That has been her dream her whole life after all. And we really want her to be able to do that. So I guess we are just asking for prayer in all this. I have also decided that I am going to go back to school and get my El Ed degree. Not sure if I am going to do that here in Illinois or go to Indy and do it. Either way I will need a job first before we can get that going. I just hate this feeling. I thought at this point in life we would be done searching for jobs and have a good career going. Oh well maybe I should have just done el ed to begin with.
~Learning As I Go~

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Hals said...

Hey Scot,
I know only too well the pains of job searches. I'll definately be praying for you. In the mean time, has crystal considered getting a part time job at a church nursery? She would be able to take Ella there and possibly even be in the same room with her. It would most likely only be a few hours a week and would make a few extraa dollars and still be able to stay at home with Ella most of the time.

In Texas we call the programs "Mother's Day out". There are some churches here that offer only a half day and some that offer a short day, like 9:30-2:30. They meet one to two days a week. I worked at one here this past year and we worked 2 days a week and I made about 300 a month. Just a thought.